If you know me or you were to meet me you would say what on earth does this woman know about colour!!  My wardrobe consists of every shade of Grey on the grey scale, from white to black.  I’ve come to the realization that I cannot wear patterns on the top,  could never wear patterns on the bottom and I prefer to wear black near my face maybe that’s to make my baby blues pop…….


Grey Scale


Even my business card is based on the grey scale

Torqing Design Business Card


However I do have a great understanding of Colour Psychology and I find it fascinating plus I absolutely love colour just not hanging off me.   If colour is used effectively it is one of the most powerful tools a designer can have.  Colours are a form of non verbal communication that can speak mountains in just a split second.   Colours have the power to instantly set a mood,  to convey an emotion,  invoke a physiological reaction or they can inspire a person to take action.  When we harness and utilize the right colour emotion we can help to tell a story with powerful effect.


Deep Red –   Positive  –   rich, elegant, refined, tasty, expensive, mature, sumptuous, cultivated, robust

Deep Red

                                      (Pintrest – Saved from restorationhardware.com)

Bright PinkPositive  –  exciting, theatrical, playful, hot, attention-getting, high energy, sensual, wild, tropical, festive,  vibrant, stimulating, flirtatious

Bright Pink

                                                 (Pintrest – Saved from Kendrasmiles4u)

Vibrant OrangePositive –  fun,  happy, glowing, hot, energizing, active, friendly, spontaneous, optimistic, jovial,  self-assured.

orange decor @homestoreky.com

Teal  –  Positive  –  serene, cool, tasteful, sophisticated, confident

Teal Staircase @realsimple

Blue  –   Positive  –  Calm, quiet, patient, peaceful,  cool, clean

Blue interior @trendletter

Grey –  Positive  –   Classic, sober, practical, timeless,  quiet,  neutral,  logical,  deliberate,  efficient

Grey Interior @torqingdesign

White –  Positive –  pure, clean, pristine, spotless,  innocent, silent, clarity, simplicity   Negative –  sterile, cold, clinical

white with style

Black –  Positive –  Powerful, empowering, elegant, sophisticated, mysterious, heavy, bold, basic, stylish, modern   Negative – depression,  evil, oppression

Modern Matt Black decor

2016 and the FEATURE WALL is back………….

Really well thought out and blended feature walls are an absolute great way to give your room interest and space definition. Although this post is about colour,  don’t limit your feature wall to colour think about a feature wall where you play with texture or colour and texture….

Avoid an amateur mistake  when you do introduce a new paint colour into your interior, take into account your existing finishes especially your floor finishes as these can completely change your new colour addition.   Always compare,  paint out a sample pot or purchase online an A4 sized sample so you can really see how it works in all areas,  in different lights and against all remaining finishes….