A couple of thoughts for planning your bathrooms (especially in a new home  build) is whether or not you like the idea of your bathrooms matching or whether you like a different look in each space. I personally love a surprise around every corner,  but we are all different, so there are no rules.  If you do chose to have décor that is different in your bathroom to your en suite,  make sure there is continuity, this can be achieved by keeping the decorating styles similar.


Family Bathroom

My secret helpful tip for an interesting and unique bathroom…..  Buy a piece of furniture that will suit your décor style.    Seek out your local Stone or marble supplier and inquire about cut offs from larger jobs.  They are generally happy to sell the leftover cuts and if you are not totally set on a particular shade and have some flexibility this is a bargain way to get gorgeous stone benches on your vanities.

Guest En suite -