I’d grown up with an incredibly creative Mother and the best Dad in the world who was the most positive and persistent person to be in my life. I believe I was lucky enough to get the best of both of them. So when I was a kid, we moved every 7 years. We affectionately called it ‘Mums 7 year itch’. My parents loved nothing more than a new building and decorating project. That was the gift they gave to me and I have given it to my husband (whether he likes it or not) and we have spent the best part of our very long marriage buying, renovating, selling, building, selling, sub-dividing selling.   It became a labour of love and afforded us a pretty nice life combined with a fair bit of happy hard work.   So finally when the babies came it was time to hang up my tool bag and live happily ever after enjoying what we had worked to get for so many Years.