As I become a little older I’d like think that I have become a little wiser and there is no doubt in my mind that the Kitchen is the ‘Heart of the Home’.  My signature style when I concept design a kitchen is to create a focal  piece and it is often the Island Bench,  along with the Antique Lanterns in this kitchen design it certainly was. My consideration will always be function over form, but if I have a few dollars to spend it is here that I will sink that cash, although good design does not always have to mean you need to sell your first born or take out another mortgage.

Kitchen - Ocean Acres - Torquay



I managed as my part time job as International shopper to bring the mosaic tiles on this island kitchen bench back with me  from my travels to Hong Kong.  A few blisters later and I had my design inspiration for this kitchen space.  I was very fortunate to be working in a large kitchen and this Island Bench was able to seat 6 people comfortably. Being custom designed and built enabled my design to have extra storage, which never goes to waste in your kitchen, and this added to the function and beautified the form…..