So I guess the reason my ‘Forever Home’,  never really did become my forever home is that life is constantly evolving.   I’ve always said ‘variety is the spice of life’ and as I love corny sayings  here’s another of my favorite’s ‘a change is as good as a holiday’ and that’s probably why being an International Flight Attendant  suited me for so many years.  Spending part of my life travelling and being constantly inspired by all that I saw,  my eyes were the lenses to the world and on my return I would create unique and interesting designs having obtained the inspiration on my travels.  However as the world changed so did my world.  I remember 9/11 as if it was yesterday,  and more recently having Aviation terrorism effect someone very close to me who I love dearly,  I needed to reassess what were my priorities in life.  Hence it was now the time to hang up my glamorous lifestyle and embark on an exciting new life as an earthling with my family and friends.

Hong Kong Max 2014

It was a huge lifestyle change but having prepared for these changes for 5 years prior to taking the leap, I had studied Interior design and Building Design  whilst being a Flight Attendant and selling my forever home,   I was in a brilliant place to start the next phase of my life and career,  fully supported by those nearest and dearest to me.   My life was changing  drastically  and with the changes it was necessary  for me to leave behind things I loved, ‘my Qantas Family and of course ‘my forever home’.

So I sold our ‘Forever Home’ to a beautiful family and did not dwell on what I had parted with but moved forward and reflected happily on what I had been lucky enough to have had…

Deck - Ocean Acres - Torquay


Much to the confusion of my family the next project I embarked on was truly the ugliest house in the street,  to date my greatest challenge……. Was I excited to transform this Ugly Duckling into a Beautiful Swan,  you have no idea how excited I was.Ugly Duckling Front  FullSizeRender 1

Now having since left Qantas over a year ago,  I had a wonderful opportunity to work with a fantastic local building company within there sales department and as a Colour Consultant. Combined with Designing and Project Managing the Ugly house,  I had put together much of my studies to create the foundation for my next Career Chapter.

The gift of recognizing a ‘Diamond in the Rough’ was ready to be shared and so was the beginning of  ‘Torqing Design’

Torqing Design Header